July 2021 Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 12th, at 6:30 pm

Meeting ID:  907-5838-761

Password: 12345

Please note: Our steering committee will be hybrid for our August meeting.


Reports: Chairman, Co-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Zoom Coordinator, all committees

Open positions:

1)  Maintenance: 

Change air filters, monitor kitchen area, minor jobs, meet inspectors, oversee facility, light bulbs, interact with property manager as needed, troubleshoot any issues with water cooler, meet repairmen when needed.


  • Attend monthly steering committee meetings.
  • 6 months continuous sobriety

2)  Cleaning Coordinator:  

Clean and maintain meeting room, including daily and monthly cleanings (with volunteers), knowledge & posting of CDC guidelines.


  • Attend monthly steering committee meetings.
  • 6 months continuous sobriety

New business:

1) Moving update: We might consider a shorter term lease and use the time to buy a property.  

We are down to 3 choices at the most, awaiting information as of Sunday AM  

2) Accepting $30,000 contribution.

3) Creation of bylaws committee: Going forward, we have discussed having a separate committee examine our bylaws, so that in any situation, everything is spelled out clearly.  This committee will meet over a period of several months.

4) Bylaws  change putting Zoom coordinator on the executive committee.  During the pandemic last year, our governing structure was severely tested.  Our mission is to reach out the alcoholic who still suffers.  In January, we had three people on the executive committee, and they were the only ones making decisions.  the Zoom committee added for cohesiveness and unity.  The only trusted servants at the time were the executive board, there wasn’t a Steering Committee.  Zoom was our funding source.  Basically some of us feel that we were allowed to add a 5th person to the executive committee, some feel it wasn’t allowed.  Going forward, the motion is to add the Zoom coordinator to the executive committee.  Final discussion.


Gerard Karcher, Sunny Dunes Steering Committee Chairman