Room Search Update

To all Sunny Dunes members:

In May were informed that our lease wouldn’t be renewed. The building is being torn down and a “fast food” type of business is coming in. They will be paying a premium rent, far beyond anything we could afford.

We have formed a search committee to look for and evaluate options for our new home. At the end of the process, a new lease is presented at the Steering Committee, each meeting will then vote and their secretary comes to the next Steering Committee and votes for their meeting, e.g. we all decide together.

Members map for room search

To help us determine what would be a good central location for our new room, we want to collect the approximate home locations of our members.

On the map below, the blue pins show approximate locations of our member’s homes. The existing Sunny Dunes is indicated by the house icon. The map will be updated as more members submit the approximate location of their home.

If you haven’t yet submitted your approximate home location to us, you can do so using the form here.