SD Covid-19 Secretary Req’s & Application

Volunteer to be a Secretary – It is suggested that each meeting have co-secretaries and several additional committed attendees to achieve adherence to these requirements. If you are interested in being a secretary during this Stage, you must have a minimum of six months continuous sobriety and commit to delegate, monitor and enforce the following:
Participation in the initial preparation of the room, including marking and positioning chairs, sanitization, signage, etc.
All attendees are required to wear a face mask or covering.
Before entry, each attendee will be temperature screened and asked if they have a cough, shortness of breath or think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. If so, they will be asked to remove themselves from the premises immediately. They may join any of the Zoom meetings.
Names and phone numbers of all attendees will be taken upon entry of each meeting. This list will be held for two weeks pending the possibility of an attendee contracting COVID-19 and the required contact tracing. If this happens and the list is submitted to the appropriate health organization, it we be treated as a “gathering of friends” to protect everyones anonymity.
The room will be marked and set up to comply with the required 6 feet physical distancing, and there will be a maximum capacity. Chairs must not be moved or added. This will be handled on a first come, first served basis. There will be no seat saving. Once capacity is reached, doors will close and guests will be given information for the next scheduled meeting. There will not be standing room available.
Each meeting will need to monitor the number of people attending. We recommend that at the start of each meeting, the Secretary ask for two or three “angels of hope” within the meeting who are willing to give up their chairs for a newcomer or guest that may be in dire need of a meeting.
Attendees will not be admitted with any outside coffee, or any food or beverages. Consuming anything in the meeting would require removing face mask or covering. There will be no cake celebrations or food / snacks brought by participants for sharing to prevent cross contamination.
No passing of chips.

No distribution of literature.

The Seventh Tradition baskets are to remain on the table. The Secretary should wear disposable gloves when counting the money. Seventh Tradition donations can still be made by check, credit / debit card.

There will be no circling up or hand holding at the end of the meeting. The closing prayer must be done while meeting attendees are in their own seats.

There will be no re-entries into the room once the meeting starts. If a participant leaves, they will not be allowed back in until another scheduled meeting.

There will be no fellowshipping in the room before or after the meeting to prevent gathering in close quarters and to allow ample time to properly clean and sanitize the meeting space prior to another meeting.

Each meeting will be responsible for sanitizing the entire premises before leaving – all chairs, tables & counters, floor and bathrooms.

Opening the Sunny Dunes Room for any meeting during Stage 3 will only be possible with everyone’s cooperation. If closure is again mandated, or if there is any lack of compliance, the room will again be closed. Lack of compliance could also result in a fine or indefinite closure by the City of Palm Springs.

I confirm that I have a minimum of six months continuous sobriety and do commit to delegate, monitor and enforce the above requirements.

Signature Meeting Day and Time

Printed Name Phone Number

Email Address

Submit this to:
Once confirmed, the Secretary will receive an entrance code to the room. The Secretary is also committing not to share the entrance code with anyone else.
Thank you for being of service.